Solarize Dummerston

Announcing Solarize Dummerston – a program created by volunteers to help you go solar. Solarize programs help lower the cost for installers and for participants by using volunteer and grass root efforts – please share  this site! Email This Page Email This Page

READ IRS Documents on Community Solar – here!

  • Watch Energy Week with three installers and our solar coach

  • Listen to WKVT – Solar Summer interview

  • SOLAR, is affordable with great financing available

  • Federal tax credit equal to 30% of the system’s cost expires 2016

  • Replace your electric bill with solar loan payments

  • After the system is paid off (7-10 yrs) your electricity is FREE

  • The Solarize Dummerston program offers a unique opportunity; Our team of volunteers have worked hard to simplify, demystify and lower the cost of going solar

  • Through the use of grass roots marketing and group purchasing power we make solar more affordable

  • With the community solar option you do not even need to have a good solar site

  • Take the first step, fill in the form to get started

  • Just have questions? fill out our contact form

Program Deadline was September 30th 2015! Final Tiered pricing is based upon the number of KW contracted for each installer by that date. Our prices have now been finalized and installations are well under way.

128 people signed up for the free site assesment, and a total of 114.6 kW was contracted from 24 contracts!

The average system size contracted in this program was 4.78KW

Soveren Solar reached the first Tiered Discount Price of $3.90/W