Financing Options

The following links are to financing options for solar projects for Solarize Dummerston;

  1. River Valley CU –
  2. Your own bank typically through a home equity loan program
  3. Peoples United Bank Home Equity loan
  4. Green Mountain Credit Union offers several attractive financing options which use the panels themselves as the only collateral. Other lenders like the Vermont State Employee’s Credit Union have low-interest loans available as well, and of course a home-equity loan generally has the absolute lowest rates. Either way, the loans are structured so that you end up paying about the same monthly amount as you have been paying for you electric bill. And of course, once the loan is paid you’ll be getting solar power delivered to your home for free!
  5. Vermont State Employees Credit Union
  6. GMP “Onbill” The low interest loan through NeighborWorks offers up to ten years financing and up to $15,000. Monthly payments on a ten year loan of $15,000 are approximately $161/month and will be added to your monthly GMP bill.