• Launch the Solarize Dummerston Program in Early Summer 2015
  • Simplify and de-mystify the process of going solar for the consumer.
  • Educate those interested in Solar on the options available as well as the technology.
  • Options will include roof mount PV, ground mount PV, as well as community solar.
  • Select an installer who offers a low cost quality product through group purchasing power.
  • Market our program with grassroots efforts, thereby simplifying the process of acquiring customers for the Installers and reducing overhead costs.
  • Increase the use of renewable energy in Dummerston and the surrounding area. 

    Summary of this Project

    The Dummerston Solarize Task Force has developed a Solarize program in Dummerston and surrounding areas that will offer a unique opportunity for community members to purchase Solar PV at good value.

    To accomplish this, the Task Force has created and issued an RFP (Request for Proposal) for residential, small business, and community Solar. We plan to select an installer (or group of installers) that offers the best value based upon responses to the RFP. In doing so we also strive to simplify the process for the customers and the installers.