Solaflect Ground Mount Solar Tracker Proposal

Our Team Provided forms with specific questions to be answered by the installers. This allowed us to compare proposals apples to apples. It was a lot of work for our installers but the ones selected rose to the challenge.

Here is a summary of their Proposal

Our selected installer is Solaflect
Although tracking systems were not part of our original request for proposals, we received a proposal from Solaflec that was too good to not include in our program. Their unique tracking device is sold at a cost equal to or better than fixed units if you consider the added 30% efficiency.
Base Price $4.80 however these systems are expected to deliver 30-40% more electricity for the same wattage of panel. For comparison, a 30% efficiency gain calculates to equivalent $3.69/w
Tiered Price per Watt based upon number of trackers sold by Solaflect in our program
Tier 1 <32Kw (up to 7 trackers)= $4.80
Tier 2 32-<64Kw (8 to 15 trackers)= $4.75
Tier 3 64- <96 (16-23 trackers)= $4.70
Tier 4 96-<128Kw (24-31 trackers)= $4.65
Tier 5 128-<160 Kw (32-39 trackers)= $4.60
Tier 6 160Kw+ (40 +trackers)= $4.55

System warranty is for 10 years but requires annual maintenance to be performed each year (analogous to a boiler tune up)
Annual maintenance is free for the first 3 years, $125/year after that.
you can purchase these in 4KW increments only(a complete tracker) 4Kw, 8Kw, 12Kw etc.
Price adders Include
Extra Ground Trenching – In the event the wire and conduit run for a ground mounted system from 201 feet to 275 feet there will be an additional charge of $4/foot for each foot beyond 200 feet. $5/foot plus $300 beyond 275 feet .
Electrical Upgrades – case by case if required
Multiple trackers- for each additional tracker purchased there is a $500 discount
Difficult access- $100
Tree removal- case by case basis by third party
Unavoidable ledge- usually around $300
Other upgrades/options also available such as crushed stone or all black panels.

For more detailed information see the completed forms below

Attached are the detailed proposal forms from Solaflect, Click on the title of each document below, it will open in a separate tab as a pdf.

Solaflect CompanyProfile

Solaflect Core Proposal

Solaflect Tiered-Pricing

Solaflect Equipment Details

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