Soveren Community Solar Proposal

Our Team Provided forms with specific questions to be answered by the installers. This allowed us to compare proposals apples to apples. It was a lot of work for our installers but the ones selected rose to the challenge.

Here is a summary of their Proposal

Our selected installer is Soveren Solar
Base Price $4.00/Watt,
Tiered Price per Watt based upon KW sold by Soveren Solar in our program
Tier 1 0-50Kw sold = $4.00/w
Tier 2 50-150Kw sold = $3.90/w
Tier 3 >150Kw sold = $3.80/w

All Maintenance for 30 years is included
you can purchase in 265W increments up to 105KW (105,000W)
no adders

For more detailed information see the completed forms below

Attached are the detailed proposal forms from Soveren Solar, Click on the title of each document below, it will open in a separate tab as a pdf.

Soveren Company Profile

Soveren Core Proposal

Soveren Tiered Pricing

Soveren Equipment Details

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