Q. If I live in Dummerston, do I have to work with the Solarize installer selected?

Homeowners in Dummerston who want to go solar are not required to work with the official Solarize installer partner. However, homeowners who don’t go through their Solarize installer won’t benefit from Dummerston pricing structure (the price of solar for the solarize program is lower and may go down as more residents sign up). Solarize Dummerston uses a competitive selection process to select their partner installer – so homeowners who choose to work with Solarize Dummerston installer can have confidence in that installer’s competitive prices, quality equipment, and quality service has been reviewed and vetted by our team of volunteers. There are many highly qualified solar installers in the area to choose from – we want you to consider going solar, no matter which installer you choose. See our list of installers who have bid on Solarize Dummerston, and visit our Solar Energy page for a more comprehensive list.